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Grand Theft Auto V – Various Info We know thus far


We gather everything we knows about grand theft auto V.Whether it is fake or not, but they all seem pretty legit and promising. Check out what we know about grand theft auto V thus far


Rumor: Grand Theft Auto V Details Leaked


Drug use, multiplayer gangs, weapon and vehicle customization is said to be in Grand Theft Auto V. Also, it was said to release May 2013 following a demo at E3 2012, according to a poster on a now-deleted GameSpot article. The poster claimed to know an ex-Rockstar North employee and referred to Grand Theft Auto 5′s protagonist as the previously rumoured Albert De Silva. The poster also mentioned another character rumor, which was a son called Kevin De Silva. Some newer rumors include 32-player MP modes with online gangs vying for reputation and territory across various heists and modes in Los Santos.


You can continue read here–>Grand Theft Auto V Details Leaked


Grand Theft Auto V – Various Info Leaked and many more!

Grand Theft Auto V – Various Info Leaked and many more!

Ex-Rockstar Intern  has Leaks various GTA V Info, Confirms Red Dead Rebellion. dualshocknexus recently caught wind of a massive Grand Theft Auto V rumor and it’s almost too good to be true.

 The following quoted material is from Ed Elric (Brendan).



“No; I DID NOT SEE ANY FUNCTIONING GAMEPLAY; Answering that question first before there is a flood of that kind of stuff. I also no; i do not know anything reguarding story other than the all-around vague premise that most people at the offices would know (even though they will deny it).”


“I’ve seen the holy grail that is her, the map of GTA V and Yes; Los Santos is the only city. Fortunately, Los Santos is only being used as the focal point in a new southern California twist. The new map is comprised of 5 ‘main’ populaces within the 1 County of Los Santos. As a result Los Santos has grown greatly, becoming a City-County, which will be split into 3 “provinces”, in classic GTA fashion:”

“The Greater Naranja Area”
“Los Puerta”
“Greater Los Santos”

“All of which are accompanied alongside smaller surrounding unincorparated areas. Some of which are within close by proximity. Others out in the outskirts of the county.”

“All but the City of Los Santos itself will be making a more scaled-down appearance within the County: Santa Ana (aptly re-named Santa Monica), San Diego (San Dignos),Carlsbad (Wadsworth), Chula Vista (Chola Springs), and Anaheim (renamed Alemana, something along those lines, i think i misspelled it though) have been scaled-down drasticly to fit in and around Los Santos. Trust me, it looks believable, and better yet, natural. The Greater Los Santos Area is in fact HUGE and the largest area of the three. Within Greater Los Santos are The San Ventura Mountain Range, Bone Valley, Larry Andreasen Bridge, Lawernce Island, and Santos National Park.”


You can read all the details here–>Grand Theft Auto V – Various Info Leaked and many more!